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Angek M Flener, LE

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"Make Yourself the Priority"

Over 30-years ago,  I was a 17-year old Cosmetology student and High School senior enrolled at Bucks County Tech School, a Vo-tech High School in Levittown, PA.    People came to the school for discounted hair, facial and nails services because these services in normal salons were "too expensive".   When I graduated in 1986,  I was determined to be an affordable solution for my friends and family... and do roller-sets with the best of them!! 

Fast forward to moving to Arizona, now a combat Vet, and Mom of four girls,  Massage & Spa Therapist...Blah Blah Blah!  

I first started out in 2000 as an independent business owner, I priced my services so that they weren't "too expensive".  But clients were far and few between and the ones that were coming in were there for the discount, not for a great service.   Truly, it was something I was doing wrong, or so I thought.  I went back to school to study more and in 2006 became a licensed aesthetician.  2009 I became laser certified, in 2011 to become an educator of esthetics so I could learn to effectively, convey my passion to my clients  (and budding Aestheticians!)

the response I heard was "Skincare treatments are too Expensive" 

Too Expensive?  I was told I invested more time than any dermatologist listening to clients about their goals.  I have sorted through over the counter remedies and QVC gadgets.  I've been horrified watching YouTube DIY videos for skincare "solutions".  It couldn't be me... I went BACK to school AGAIN to figured out what the disconnect was, and became certified as a Coach!  What I learned from "it's too expensive" was that my clients were actually saying
"I'm not willing to invest in something for myself".  

This is where The Skin Coach concept was born. 

I pride myself on the fact that I am NOT offering the trendy, copy-cat treatments using techniques that are product line driven just to make money.  I perform what I am confident, 30-years in the spa/salon/beauty industry will work. I've invested time in education and tangible hands-on practice to get to this point and I want my clients to be assured that what they are receiving is not an overwhelming expense or wasteful investment in time and money....but a partnership for great skin! 

If you're ready to invest in what works, let me help you find a way to make an investment in you!   

Make Yourself  The Priority!!
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