To Purge or Not to Purge...what is Your Skin Saying?

Many of your have adopted advice from me to change something in your routine quarterly....

Now that we are headed into fall. So, when you’re trying to care for your skin with a proper new routine, the last thing you want to see after a week or two is a blemished complexion. Whether you’re using more active ingredients or staying diligent with a new product routine, you might be wondering what's up with the tiny pimples, sudden clogged pores or even patchy dryness when you didn’t experience this happening before. The question I have heard in the past, "Are these new products the source of my new issues?" "Am I purging?" It's more common than you'd think! Skin purging is pretty common. Any time you use ingredients to promote cellular turnover (think of active ingredients that shed dead skin cells), there’s a good chance you’ll go through a period of purging as well!  Now, that’s not to say everyone will experience a purge after using an exfoliating product. All skin types are different and some might even go through a purge more than others. It all depends on what’s deep inside the pores ready to be pushed out.  Here's a Few characteristics to watch out for to determine whether your skin is purging or if you’re truly having a reactionary-type breakout:

  • Purging – Most of the times happens in a defined area where you already have breakouts that frequently occur. Skin purging also clears up much faster than a pimple or reaction.

  • Reactionary – You’re getting breakouts in new areas where you don’t often get pimples. The timeline from break-out to healing is roughly about a week. This has been happening more commonly with the use of cloth masques or overly used disposable masques. (Maskne)

Being Patient Helps Think of purging as the terrible twos of skin care LOL! It's only a phase! A 28-day cellular turnover phase. If you get the concept, that skin purging occurs when an ingredient tries to speed up the skin’s natural shedding and subsequent renewal, it should only take one full, 28-day renewal cycle to get through the worst of it. (Everyone’s skin is unique, so that time frame can differ from person to person.) Here are a few Tips to Follow during the Purge:

  • Don’t pick at the breakouts! You COULD cause scarring.

  • Don’t use drying products, like exfoliating acids, Benzoyl Peroxides or Retinol Products. ( You DON"T have acne, you are purging congested skin!)

  • Get a Dermal-planing or Micro-Dermabrasion with Enzyme treatment done to help remove impurities.

Can I avoid Purging? If you’re considering adding a retinol product, AHA, or some sort of exfoliating masque to your routine, AND you don’t necessarily want to deal with the side effects, you can minimize purging! Make it simple by slowly easing into the new product ingredients. For example, during the first week or so, apply the ingredients two times a week,” Don't apply it all at once!! Then at the second week mark, apply it three times that week, working your way up to daily use. This will allow your skin to adjust to the new products/ingredients. Post-purging is worth the wait for your ideal skin As annoying as it can be, this pesky purging period will all be worth it once your skin has adjusted to its new routine. Who knew that clear, youthful skin was waiting just beneath the surface that whole time?

Isn't that why you visit with me? ^j^

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