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Perfecting the Pout....Needle-less Lip Infusion

Over Quarantine, I was able to invest in some training for new treatments I would both like to begin offering officially, as well as treatments we have had the most discussions over while clients were in session with me. One of those treatments is Needleless Lip Infusion.

There is some discussion about the treatment in itself as far as my capability as a Licensed Medical Aesthy to perform the treatment including the banter that exists back and forth in different circles regarding the legality of performing the treatment in my treatment arena. With that in mind, let me begin by saying, Yes, it is legal for me to perform. How is this treatment done?

Needleless Infusion employs the use of a High-pressure delivery pen and Hylauronic Acid. The "HA" is infused in a similar way that MicroNeedling is performed with the exception of a stationery pen rather than a rotary device and needle tip. Because the tissue of the Lips is thinner, bruising may occur under the High-Pressure "SNAP" of the Pen itself. The treatment also requires that a client is more adequately hydrated than the "filler" counterpart costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. In essence, the full treatment costs no more than $350.00 and is completed in two sessions. The HA used in the treatment has the ability to survive in the skin of an adequately hydrated client for up to 6-12 months.

...And the "Cons"... Very much like traditional filler, bruising, and clumping of the HA in the lips is a possibility. However, the HA is much more pliable in the skin than many of the synthetic fillers that are delivered using cannula or needles and injected in injectable clinics and in plastic surgeon's offices. The HA in the Infusion Treatment more readily absorbs into the skin/body as well.

Clients with issues of bleeding, systemic/autoimmune disease, and severe bruising are not candidates. It is suggested that a client is adequately treating themselves with any medications that are preventative to Herpes Simplex breakouts 10 days prior to their treatments. I also highly suggest that clients ingesting caffeine in any form and fish oil stop their consumption at least a week before. All clients will be subjected to treatment forms and treatment is discretionary. Other Uses?

I have also begun to work with those who have issues with their smoker's lines as well as acne scarring. The new year is promising treatments for neck laxity due to fat deposits. (Think affordable Kybella, here!) What is the Investment for the Lip Infusion? The treatment will require the scheduling of two (2) appointments. An initial treatment cost of $150 is due at the first treatment and a second appointment the client will be charged the final $100.00 For more Information, please fill out our info for on our website by Clicking Here

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