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It's All 'Bout that Base, 'Bout that Base....

If you spend any amount of time learning about the history of creams that are used in skincare (in practice AND at home), you would learn that they consisted of a mixture of water and oil. Any primary school science class could instruct that those are two ingredients that do NOT mix well together, at all! Through the chemistry, the two somewhat opposite ingredients can be formulated to balance and, eventually form a cream. ( water based or emollient). But if formulated incorrectly, or if an imbalance of either of these elements occurs, creams separate and become ineffective. What the formulators never tell you is that, continued used could result in more harm than good to your skin. The other downside of "formulated" creams is that they can be somewhat expensive. A "base cream" is the "base" of any formulated cream. It's specific intent is to have active ingredients blended into it. Blended CAREFULLY so that you are not disrupting the balance of oil and water as described above.

DIY in Skincare I actually get excited when I am in conversations with clients and they tell me they have studied ingredients enough to KNOW what their skin needs. Most of my clients develop this "talent" when they are going through a change in lifestyle and diets are part of that change. It really is empowering for a client to know what is right for THEM rather than to be settling time after time for products that are made for the masses. This is why I have decided that I wanted to introduce the Skin Actives line to my clients. Their Base Creams are perfect for those who are looking to do a little DIY experimentation. Most are affordable just....unscented creams that can help with a "daily" concerns. Especially for those switching to using a product for Day AND Night! I personally like two (2) different formulas because in my studies have taught me how different ingredients are more likely to be more effective on the pH of my skin. Especially in the evening when natural pH becomes more alkaline and active ingredients are more readily absorbed.

Skin Actives offers the following "base" creams for DIY formulation: Canvas Base Cream - Canvas Base Cream It’s a great lightweight moisturizer that absorbs easily into the skin. Canvas Base Cream is for normal to oily skin types. Its also the base of many of the Skin Actives products.

European Base Cream - Our European Base Cream is a richer formulation with that "silky" texture that clients love in a night-time cream. I personally like it for a neck and decollate cream. It's an awesome remedy for Age Management, or dry skin!

ingredient that helps with sun stressed skin. Well, there are other AWESOME things that Astaxanthin helps with. Great for formulations you want to create for your arms and legs, but also perfect for all skin types!

I've linked to the Skin Actives page for those of you that are interested in learning more about the amount of Base Creams.

I hope you learn to enjoy the Skin Actives as much as I do! Being affordable is always a plus!

Here's to Your Face Value!


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