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How are you using YOUR Vitamin C?

How Does Vitamin C Work For Your Skin?  

Great Question!! I get this a lot when it comes to those who are toying with and having questions about using Vitamin C based products. You see, Vitamin C works on two levels: As a Vitamin AND as an Anti-Oxidant

1.) As a Vitamin

As a vitamin, you don’t need that much to be effective.  Vitamin C will help your skin produce Collagen, as long as your skin also has the other nutrients. These Nutrients include Amino Acids, Peptides, and Epidermal Growth Factor, for example. 2.) As an Antioxidant It is best to have Vitamin C as part of a mix of Anti-oxidants. Skin Actives, the new line that we are using here in practice, has a partnering of products that can accomplish this goal. (They are the Skin Actives Antioxidant Serum or Antioxidant Day Cream.) On a Scientific level, ascorbic acid, when used as an antioxidant and some vitamin C derivatives, like magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ( say THAT ten times fast!!) will disarm Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS*) produced by environmental pollutant.

Another use that is somewhat less common is those that use Vitamin C as an acid via "Ascorbic acid", an AHA, (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)

because acids usually are known to be exfoliating in the skincare world.

5000 I.U.'s of Vitamin C is said to be "enough" for it to effect our skin. However, vitamins are required in very small amounts. This sentiment is just as true for the role that ascorbic acid plays in collagen synthesis. Collagen is what helps to assist in the recovery of Uneven or "textured" skin. This is also why I use it during MicroNeedling.

How Often Should I apply my Vitamin C serums and AM or PM?

Some active ingredients are very Photo-sensitive and application, whether used in the day or at night can be very important. However, Vitamin C itself can be applied day or night. It gets compromised by air and should be used within a 3- month period. Using expired Vitamin C from discount stores such as Ross, or Marshall's, Dollar Tree et al., is not smart because the older a Vitamin C product gets, the more it becomes Oxidized and turns Brown. Vitamin C in this case will cease in its function to be an antioxidant BUT will work divinely as a PRO-oxidant!

Skin Active is currently having a sale on their Vitamin C serums. You can choose between 15 or 20% concentrations. You can see the duo by clicking or on the picture Thanks for reading today! I hope you can get in on the savings! Skin Active is also giving clients the Gift of their Vitamin E oil for purchases over $30!! Annnddd...when you become a subscriber to their emails, you will receive another 10% off plus FREE shipping! ^j^

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