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Fractional Cell Regeneration


The "FCR" Treatment was made popular in Korea.  It is a unique and different approach to harsh peeling and laser procedures. This cutting-edge treatment produces the same results WITHOUT the pain or downtime associated with aesthetic laser equipment.

FCR activates the cell regeneration cycle and stimulates collagen remodeling. It works through the mechanical action of gentle "rubbing" techniques that penetrate 200nm micro fractionated prickles from mineral-rich coral into the deeper layers of the dermis.  The prickles continue to work up to 5 days post-treatment and can be felt this long as well! 

FCR is extremely effective at lightening hyperpigmentation due to sun damage and melasma, reversing acne scarring by resurfacing the texture of the skin and improving pore size dramatically. FCR also activates the cell regeneration cycle and stimulates the production of collagen.

Did I mention?  This Peel tingles and is not for those who are the faint of heart.  Light to Moderate peeling action may occur on Day 2 or 3  

This Treatment is Good For:

🌱 Client looking for a moderate “peel” treatment
🌱 Improving Skin Texture/Acne Scars
🌱 Hyperpigmentation/Sun Damage
🌱 Improving Elasticity
🌱 Acne
🌱 Enlarged Pores and Congestion

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